We have been as a brand long advocating as to why it is better to go for specifically curated MediFacials instead of the usual Facials. We have in several of our social media posts and blogs also emphasized the importance and benefits of experiencing a MediFacial best suited for every individuals skin/skin type..

However, we thought that it would be best if we combined all the information in one blog so that, when in doubt, you have a quick reference.

MediFacials are Specific to Your Skin and Concern

Unlike the usual facials where the salons or your personal beauticians check the superficial layer of skin in general, a MediFacial involves a proper 3-D facial analysis to ensure that all your skin concerns are captured correctly. The 3-D Facial analyzer machine allows for the deeper layers of the skin to be examined. .Once that is done, a dermatologist examines your skin and understands your concerns in addition to of course, the purpose of your visit. It is only after all these factors have been carefully examined and analyzed is a MediFacial curated and performed

MediFacials are Medicated
As we had mentioned, since it is a dermatologist who is involved, it is only obvious that the treatment thus administered would be medical too. Whether the treatment is for a concern or it is for generic skin care & maintenance, the ingredients/technology used especially at Kosmoderma Clinics are US-FDA approved only and hence are totally safe for your skin.

It is Trained Therapists who perform MediFacials

The therapists who perform MediFacials are the ones who have been trained over years in the beauty, health & wellness domain. Hence, they know exactly the kind of pressure that needs to be applied and the kind of movements that need to be done in order to stimulate lymphatic drainage. A massage done in the wrong direction using incorrect techniques could lead to redness, swelling , premature lines & folds etc.
The benefit of this lies in the fact that it helps one achieve better results out of the procedure.

MediFacials are specific to the concern

Whether it is aging, dehydration/dryness or acne treatment or skin tightening or skin tone improvement or routine skin care, MediFacials vary depending upon the concern and not just the skin type. Also, these are specific treatments and not just one time affairs. Hence, the results that one gets after getting their respective MediFacials done are far superior.

MediFacials work from within with No Side Effects

Since the process involves usage of medicated products and equipments by a thoroughly medical procedure, the benefits happen not just to the skin’s surface but the effect goes way deeper into the layers. Thus, the results are long lasting.
Also, since the products (chosen basis the skin and concern type) work at the deeper skin layers, hence while the concern gets solved, there are no side effects either

MediFacials can provide Instant Solutions for Specific Occasions

Lastly, at Kosmoderma there is a range of MediFacials which can provide instant solutions too. These would include the pre event Celebrity MediFacials, PhotoFacials, 4-in-1 Oxybrite MediFacials etc.

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