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Dr. Chytra V Anand- The Best Cosmetic Dermatologist in Bangalore Dr. Chytra V Anand is an internationally renowned Celebrity Dermatologist. She is the Founder & CEO of the well-known chain of Kosmoderma Clinics. She is one of the best Celebrity dermatologists in Bangalore with a team of highly qualified and trained doctors.

Dr. Anand is popularly known as Dr. Fix It / Beauty Doc among her patients who travel from across the world to seek her expertise. She is sought after for her advanced and developed sense of aesthetics by patients and other doctors. Her skill in dealing with all skin types is well known and her impressive client list comprises of prominent personalities from various walks of life, including – Fashion, Films, Corporates, Industrialists and Socialites.

In January 2006, Dr. Anand the best skin specialist in Bangalore opened a chain of world standard skin and hair clinics that provide effective & affordable care. she started a specialist Cosmetic Dermatology clinic and Bangalore’s first MediSpa – Kosmoderma. She is fiercely protective of her patients and their privacy.

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I am very placed with the results of the treatments. I have taken so for. Medifacials as a part of my maintenance Program has always kept the constant was at bay. Filters of given the kind of lift & appearance i have always wanted. I have been Dr.Chytra’s client since 2005 & counting. This experience that i am completely satisfied with KD.
Veena Lingappa

Veena Lingappa

A friend of mine introduced me to Kosmoderma in July 2015. I had seen her skin change from what it was to that of a poster model. I am an apprehensive person when it comes to skin care. The topical creams and medications seldom suit me.
I sought my friends’ advice and that is when she referred me to Kosmoderma, she stressed on the professionalism, personalized and result oriented approach employed at the clinics, along with this she suggested that i meet Dr. Chytra personally to alleviate all my apprehensions with regard to the treatments. I am glad i took my friends’ advice and visited Kosmoderma. Dr. Chytra has a very warm and approachable personality, her knowledge in her field is commendable, she answered all my queries very patiently and personalized the treatment. Her team of doctors and staff exhibited professionalism in executing the treatments planned and recorded the progress for me to observe and were very responsive when i needed help. Post treatment consultation by the doctors help ensure that correct steps are taken for each individual skin type. So far i have had amazing results with my skin.
I highly recommend Kosmoderma skincare and lazer clinic to help resolve all your concerns
Sonal B S <br> MBA – General Management

Sonal B S
MBA – General Management

I had been to Kosmoderma with a whole lot of hesitation. When I met Dr Chytra after the initial check up I felt confident to go ahead and try the treatments and skin care range. I was impressed at the results I would say. Mild and gentle products that really made my skin glow. As I was headed to an International beauty pageant I had to be very careful with everything I did. The treatments I took were amazing at Kosmoderma. My favourite being the hair lightening which lasted close to 3 months. I have since then happily recommended Kosmoderma to my clients as I am an Image Consultant and stylist. If I wasn’t happy I would never risk recommending it. Thank you to Dr Chytra and team for the splendid treatments.
Ms Sandhya Oza <br> Mrs UK World Charity and Mrs Universe Photogenic

Ms Sandhya Oza
Mrs UK World Charity and Mrs Universe Photogenic

I had a few concerns regarding my skin which needed to be addressed. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Chytra. She suggested a package which suited my skin a lot and the results were evident. Ever since I have been a loyal client and my skin feels wonderful. Thank you Dr. Chytra.
Deepa Murthy

Deepa Murthy

The DrChy FaceLift is a revolutionary non-surgical face lifting treatment introduced by Celebrity Cosmetic Dermatologist Dr Chytra Anand.

In depth 3D analysis of the face and structure.

Dr Chytra maps out the plan that may include Fillers Injections, Botox and Energy Devices.

This combination treatment will give your face the best results possible non-surgically.


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