Lip Augmentation

Lip Augmentation in Bangalore

Lips are extremely important when it comes to facial aesthetic enhancement. The character of a person can be predicted based on the lip shape and fullness. Thinner lips usually give meaner look, whereas fuller lips look generous and sensual.Dr chytra provides the best lip augmentation treatment in bangalore.

The lip should be subtle, natural and sensual. The Ideal lip should be in harmony with the face, with a soft fullness and an upward tilt to the mouth making it a happy feature.

Lips can get thinner with age as they lose fat and collagen. Sun damage, hereditary factors, and smoking also contribute to loss of lip volume. Genetically thin lips and cosmetic asymmetries of the lips are also issues.

If you are concerned that your lips are starting to look deflated or wrinkled,By Lip augmentation you can enjoy a sexy, fuller and youthful new look in just a single session.

Injectable Lip Fillers:

It’s easy to achieve a glamorous pout with lip filler injections. These days, most commonly, an injectable filler made of Hyaluronic Acid is placed in the lip for lip augmentation.

Fillers from Juvederm / Galderma like Volift, Restylane, Boletero can improve the appearance of your lips by adding shape, structure, and volume. It replenishes lost volume, reduces lines and wrinkles and hydrates lips to give a more youthful-looking appearance.

Dry chapped lips will benefit from Hydra Boost Injections in the lip which will immediately hydrate the lips and ease the chapped skin.

Your queries answered by Dr. Chytra:

Lips do most of the talking. So why not have them looking their best? In 15 mins, you can achieve amazing lips that wow everyone without anyone knowing how your lips happen to be so amazing.

Lip Augmentation is one of the most delicate procedures in aesthetic medicine & should be performed by a trained and skilled professional. Results depend on the injector’s skill, hence check if your doctor is trained before the procedure.

Patients typically have results that last about 9-14 months.

Each person has different needs and only an expert can help you truly fulfill those needs.Lip augmentation can be tailored to fit your desires when using Lip fillers. By keeping your face, personality in mind, your lips can be tailor made to suit you and look natural. No one needs to know.


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Iv been very unhappy with the way my lips looked ever since I was in my teens . No amount of lip liners & gloss to plump my lips helped. I wanted a more permanent fix and opted for lip fillers at Kosmoderma . My lips look fuller and I can see more symmetry . Absolutely love my lips !


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