Skin Whitening Treatment

Skin Whitening Treatment in Bangalore

Almost all of us have had friends or family or sometimes even ourselves talking about how the complexion has gone darker over time. Mostly it is the environmental conditions to blame but a significant factor that a lot of us miss is our body’s tendency to deposit melanin. While for some of us, the deposition of melanin as a response to harsher climactic conditions is faster, for others, it is slow and hence the variation in the skin tone too. Sometimes, however, the severe heat and dirt outside also result in burns or dark rashes which also darken the skin tone.

Skin lightening treatments are a resultant of such a necessity to help one reduce their skin damage and get their natural skin tone.

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The obvious answer for this would be deposition of melanin in the sub dermal layers as a result of the external stimuli such as excessive sun light, heat or chemicals. The free radicals which owing to the contact with chemicals that get released in the skin, not just hamper the skin’s quality but also cause darkening.

Because topical creams or ointments work on the surface while the skin darkening comes from the deeper skin layers or the subdermal layers. While some of the most effective creams do result in slight skin lightening, it is mostly because of the bleaching effect- something that isn’t advisable for better skin health & long term effects.

While a lot of topical creams and ointments are available which claim that they can lighten the skin, the action that they mostly have is skin bleaching which lightens the skin a bit but isn’t a long-lasting solution and neither is a sustainable one. However, there are treatments such as Glutathione shots, Glutathione Injections and Laser Skin Lightening which can give long-lasting and near-permanent results

Glutathione is a natural antioxidant produced in the body which helps in fighting free radical damage or excessive melanin deposition thus helping to maintain skin health. However, over time/with age, its production decreases and as additional damage occurs, the darkening of the skin becomes apparent. Glutathione can be administered as either tablets, shots or injections which need to be taken as per the schedule prescribed by the dermatologist.
It has been found that Glutathione injections are more effective and longer-lasting effect as compared to the Glutathione tablets given the fact that they are directly administered into the bloodstream.

Laser skin lightening is another procedure and usually the most effective amongst all the possible ones. The laser works by breaking the melanin/pigment which then gets excreted naturally through the body. The results can mostly be seen within days from the treatment. Multiple sessions might be required depending upon the requirement of the patient.

In addition to Glutathione & laser treatments, chemical peels can also be used to exfoliate the outer damaged layers of the skin giving way to brighter more even-toned layers of the skin beneath.

No, none at all. The glutathione based treatments are as good as any natural treatment and since glutathione is an anti-oxidant found in the body already, it has little or no resistance too. Laser treatments are equally safe as well however, one should be sure that the laser being used is US-FDA approved and the treatment is administered by trained and experienced dermatologists or therapists

The treatment is totally safe. Some people do experience slight redness after the treatment has been administered but that fades away on its own and has nothing to worry about. A good dermatologist will advise you for a laser skin lightening only after making sure that your skin will not be sensitive to the treatment.

The skin lightening treatments such as glutathione injections and laser skin lightening can be called near-permanent because of the long-lasting results. However, the damage keeps piling up over time and hence booster doses would be required from time to time, which the dermatologist would suggest for your specific case.

That would entirely depend on your skin quality and the kind of environmental conditions you work in. If someone works in a heavy work environment that includes constant exposure to Sunlight, pollution, and other factors, the frequency of their booster doses would be higher than someone who works in a normal air-conditioned ambience. Also, it would depend on how fast the skin deposits melanin. There are a lot of factors that come into play while defining somebody’s skin lightening treatment regime. The dermatologists take all of these factors in mind before making a plan for the specific client.

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