Skin Hydration / Glow

Skin Hydration / Glow

Many patients ask me if drinking plenty of water helps with dry and dull looking skin.

Well, drinking enough water is very good for our body, but it doesn’t help with dry skin any more than taking a bath will quench your thirst!!

So what can we do about dry, scaly, dull and lifeless skin?

Dermal hydrators are the best alternative to get shiny and glowing skin as they retain huge amounts of moisture just below your skin surface, where it is most needed. They are the perfect option to keep the skin firm and radiant. The modern day dermal filler does wonders in just a few minutes that last for a long time.

Nourish and hydrate thirsty skin with Hydra Skin Booster

With aging, the skin is unable to produce enough of its own hyaluronic acid and collagen. Skin Boosters are very soft and rich in hyaluronic acid. It is placed just below the surface of your skin by micro-injections. Hydrators or hydra boosters contain the free form of hyaluronic acid, which is inserted into the dermal layers of the skin to replenish the lost hyaluronic acid where it can act best by attracting water for hydration and improving collagen production.

You may maintain the glow with Jet peel or Hydrating MediFacials

Jet Peel: Jet peel helps to infuse hydration into the skin that revives and replenishes the skin cells. A treatment solution is poured into the machine and the mist is forced into the top layer of the skin that leaves the skin brighter & radiant.

Hydrating MediFacials: Instead of working only superficially, MediFacials products & procedures go deeper into the skin & show instant & long lasting results. It makes your skin look very well hydrated, even toned, firm & flawless.

Your queries answered by Dr. Chytra:

The glow and softness that come with Hydra Skin Booster stays for up to 6 months to a year!

The procedure takes 15minutes and there is no downtime.

Male or female patients of any skin type can get dermal hydrators. Patients with dry eczema prone skin, /chapped lips can benefit from the treatment. Patients with good normal skin can have the procedure done every 6 months for maintenance of the skin.

SkinBoosters / hydrators are safe and a great way to maintain the hydration of the skin.

The injections are generally well received by patients. Numbing cream can be applied to minimize the discomfort.

Temporary swelling, redness, tenderness and bruising may happen. These generally subside within a couple of days.


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I had a few concerns regarding my skin which needed to be addressed. A friend of mine recommended Dr. Chytra. She suggested a package which suited my skin a lot and the results were evident. Ever since I have been a loyal client and my skin feels wonderful. Thank you Dr. Chytra.
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Deepa Murthy

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