Cheek Glamorization

Cheek Glamorization

There is nothing more deflating than after a vacation and a good night’ssleep, having someone say, ‘You look exhausted!!!’ As we age, we begin to look tired, even when we are not. It’s not only the wrinkles that make us look tired and old, but it’s also the creases, hollows and sagging skin on the cheeks that thins with aging.

Non-surgical cheek augmentation uses a synthetic facial filler thatrestores lost cheek volume, which in turn lifts the face up and pulls out the wrinkles.

We begin life with a round face and baby cheeks, and often develop an oval shaped face in our prime age. But our lower face begins to broaden and the upper face loses volume resulting in a more masculine, square, flatter shape.

Cheek glamorization fills out sunken cheeks and changes the contour of the face. Dermal Fillers physically restore contours, and the micro-injury from the needle actually stimulates your own collagen production, which has a preventative effect on ageing.

Your queries answered by Dr. Chytra:

Potential candidates who seek non-surgical cheek augmentation have hollowed cheeks, undefined cheekbones, or age-related fat loss in their faces. Ask your doctor if you are the right person to get it done.

If performed by a skilled professional, dermal fillers usually cannot go wrong. You can always reverse and dissolve the effect of fillers if you do not like the result. Don’t be afraid to seek different opinions from doctors, and make sure to get it done from a skilled professional.

The procedure is minimally invasive, takes under an hour and gives you long lasting results. The unwanted side effects like redness, swelling, tenderness are usually minimal, and short lived. You can resume most normal activities immediately following the procedure.

Dermal Fillers provide volume for up to two years. After that time, repeat treatments may be necessary to maintain your ideal results.


Truly a lunch time procedure!!! Got Fillers done for my cheeks and under eye area, was done in just 45 minutes with the procedure. Loved the results.. it made me look fresh and gave me a fuller look .


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