What is Botox for face?

BOTOX or Botulinum Toxin is a product for facial skin rejuvenation. It is a purified form obtained from the Clostridium bacterium. Initially, BOTOX® was used to treat strabismus and eye muscle twitching. In the 1990s, ophthalmologists used Botox extensively for treating the eye area and realized that wrinkles around the eyes faded when Face Botox Injection was done.

It led to further studies, and in 2002, the US FDA approved Face Botox for the treatment of glabellar lines of frown lines. After that, Face Botox Treatment was used for various indications like facial wrinkles, Correction of Gummy smile, Brow shaping, Calf muscle shaping, Botox Face Slimming, Lip Shaping, Open-pore reduction, Scar revision Body odor, Underarm sweating and some forms of chronic migraine. There are over 200 plus uses of Botox for non-cosmetic applications.

Botox for face is one of the most requested cosmetic procedures in the USA, Europe, and South-East Asia.

Pharma company Allergan owns Botox as a brand. There are other forms of Botox available in the Indian market. Dysport from Galderma, Xeomin from Merz are some of them. Though people commonly ask for Face Botox, any of the above products can be used.

What is the procedure, and how does it Work?

Botox for face is an injection given through a very tiny needle (Insulin needle) into the muscle for local action. It can also be injected subdermally into the skin to help open pores and make the skin glow. Face Botox is a medical procedure and must be done by a trained medical physician, aka a Doctor only. Specialized training is required for performing Botox face treatment.

Botox is diluted first by the treating physician to deliver the exact required dose for best results. Once Botox for face is injected, it is absorbed by the skin tissue over the next 4 hours. The Botox blocks the passing of signals to the muscles from the nerves at the neuromuscular junction. For eg.: When you are angry, you tend to frown subconsciously. As your brain signals the muscle to contract, Botox will stop this signal, and hence the frown is not created, giving the face a more natural and relaxed appearance. Similarly, the mouth frown lines are formed unconsciously. As we age, these get deeper, pulling down the corners of our face, making the face look sad and depressed. When Face Botox injection is done, the frown lines will not show, making the face look relaxed and happy.

Typically results from Botox face treatment are seen between 3 – 7 days after the procedure. In some, it can take up to 10 days. The onset of the results from Face Botox injection is gradual.

For Botox face slimming, the Face Botox injection is injected into the masseter muscle (this muscle makes a face look wider, more square and bulky) and sometimes the parotid gland salivary gland that enlarges in size as we age makes a face look bigger and wider. 

What does Botox do to your face?

Let’s break up the face into the upper and lower face.

In the upper face, Botox for Face helps in the following indications:

  • Frown / Furrowing of Eyebrows (Angry Look) relaxation
  • Brow Lift and Shaping for Drooping Eyebrows
  • Forehead Line relaxation
  • Relaxing Crows feet or laugh lines around the eyes
  • Bunny Lines (Crinkle over the nose)

In the Lower face, Face Botox helps in:

  • Gummy smile
  • Lines around mouth / Peri oral lines / Smokers lines
  • Nose droop
  • Drooping mouth corners 
  • Poppy chin / Dimpled chin look
  • Sharpening of the jawline
  • Facial contouring / slimming of the face 
  • Necklines


Other indications for Botox injections:

  • Acne Scars
  • Open Pores
  • Reducing Oil / Oil Control
  • Rosacea / Red skin
  • Underarm sweating / Body odour
  • Sweaty Palms / Feet

Key Benefits of FaceBotox Treatment?

Face Botox has numerous benefits when performed by a trained medical physician.

  • The procedure is quick and ideally takes about 10 -15 minutes. Hence, Botox for face is known as a lunchtime procedure
  • Natural results with experienced injector physicians
  • Results appear in 3 – 7 days
  • Results last for 4 – 6 months
  • Non-surgical option for aging gracefully
  • Botox Facial slimming is a massive benefit as risks from surgery can be eliminated
  • Face Botox side effects are very rare
  • Inexpensive
  • Studies have proven that when Botox Face treatment is performed before wrinkles set in, it can prevent and preserve facial skin tone.

How Long Does a Face Botox Injection Last?

Botox face treatment can last from 4 – 6 months. The longevity depends on your metabolism or how your body breaks down the Botox protein. In some, the results can last as long as eight months

By having Face Botox done regularly, the results can last longer.

How much does face Botox cost in India?

The cost of Face Botox depends on the injecting doctor’s experience and skill and the dose (Units) of Botox used. Like anything else in life, the good things are more expensive, as is Face Botox Treatment in a skilled or celebrity dermatologist’s hands.

The range is generally between Rs 250 – 450 per unit. 

Botox for face price:

  • The forehead can cost between Rs 9000 – Rs 12000 
  • Crow’s feet / Laugh Lines; Rs 8000 – Rs 12000
  • Facial Slimming: Rs 12000 – Rs 20000
  • Gummy Smile: Rs 3500

Risk and side effects of face Botox treatment?

Face Botox Side Effects are rare and limited in the hands of a trained medical physician. The side effects are short lasting and resolve on their own.

Some of the adverse events are:

  • Bruising
  • Swelling for few hours
  • Brow drop
  • Eyelid drop
  • Dry Eyes
  • Funny Smile

Overall, Botox for face is one of the safest cosmetic procedures today with one of the highest satisfaction ratios among people. Hence, every year for the last few years, Face Botox remains the topmost requested cosmetic procedure.

The starting age limit for botox for face is 18 years and above. Typically, in India, people age well, and hence the age is around 26 – 27 years of age unless it is for facial slimming and contouring.

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