In the world of beauty, we often find ourselves drooling over the flawless beauty of celebrities. Suppose the reigning femme Fatales like Jennifer Aniston’s supple skin, Kareena’s blushing cheekbones, or Aishwarya Rai’s radiant glow leave you feeling awe-inspired and occasionally envious. In that case, you’re not alone…we feel ya too, girl! But let’s face it. The influx of beauty information on the internet and scrolling through Instagram becomes overwhelming and confusing, making it hard to follow your favorite celebrity’s skincare routine. Moreover, it may not always be right for your skin tone, which is why I would like to shed light on some of the must-know celebrity beauty secrets that are not just simple to add to your routine but will surely make some heads turn! But before we begin, don’t forget that all topical treatments need to be complemented with a healthy and balanced diet. These celebrity fairness secrets will give the best results if you eat your greens and fruits followed with regular exercise and an 8-hour sleep cycle. Lastly, it is best to stay away or at least cut down the consumption of alcohol and cigarettes if you want your skin to stay young and wrinkle-free for a long time! 

Now, if you’re looking to upscale your beauty game, then be prepared to be mind blown with these ten simplified, inexpensive and game-changing celebrity skincare secrets!

1. Cleansing

It goes without saying that every celebrity’s beauty secret includes a kickass cleanser. Miranda Kerr is one such celeb that frets going to bed without squeaky clean skin. A regular cleansing ritual will help you remove dirt & pollutants while also fighting against acne. Indulge in a high-quality cleanser that is paraben-free and doesn’t leave your skin dry. We recommend the KosmoCleanser, which is designed for all skin types, and it will leave your skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. Remember the mantra – Clean skin is happy skin!

2. Moisturise

Moisturizers are considered as the holy grail by celebrities as their secret for glowing skin. Using the correct kind of moisturizer helps maintain the pH balance, reduces the aging process & decreases blemishes. They should also be applied before applying makeup as it will help create a smooth canvas for makeup to blend seamlessly. Be sure to select the right one that suits your skin tone. 

3. Almond Oil

Almond oil is nature’s magic potion that helps treat dark circles, reverse sun damage, and improves overall skin texture. Did you know Janhvi Kapoor’s secret to flawless skin is almond oil? Yes, you read that, right! This doe-eyed beauty swears by it and loves applying it daily for luminous, youthful skin, and I totally approve her choice!

4. Coconut Oil

Bollywood’s very own global diva’s Priyanka Chopra & Deepika Padukone, are avid users of coconut oil. Both actresses prefer to massage their luscious locks with it, and their mane clearly shows the results. What’s more, is coconut oil can also be used in skincare. Just add it in your DIY masks, lip scrubs, or use it as a makeup remover. This nature’s gift will not let you down. But remember to wash your face thoroughly with a gentle face wash to avoid clogged pores, especially if you have extremely oily skin. 

5. Face masks

Face masks have always been a part of every celebrity’s beauty secret. All of us, at some point, have smeared Multani mitti or besan face pack on our skin. While the traditional homemade face masks do work, it’s only now that several brands have come up with their versions of quick-fix masks. They have gained popularity with the introduction of sophisticated and varied ingredients suiting different skin types. Face masks provide an instant glow, especially when you don’t have time to visit a salon. One of my favorites is Kosmoderma’s Skin Brite Mask, which lightens and brightens the skin instantly. 

6. Exfoliants

Today one of the most significant contributors to celebrities’ secret for glowing skin are exfoliants such as glycolic acid, hyaluronic acid & salicylic acid. As overwhelming as it sounds, exfoliation is a process of removing dead skin cells. Traditionally all of us have used natural ingredients such as sugar, coffee, oats olive oil to exfoliate our skin. However, we now get a wide range of superior exfoliants that are dermatologically tested, which help to even out skin tone, provide better circulation, and treat various skin ailments. Numerous and successful clinical trials have been conducted to know the effects of these acids.

7. Ice cubes

Who would have thought a simple ingredient such as an ice cube would be a part of numerous celebrities’ skincare secret. Available in abundance and free of cost in every household, ice cubes help reduce puffiness around the eyes, and gently massaging it for 2-3 minutes on your face will make your skin tight. No wonder Jacqueline Fernandes & Alia Bhatt have such perfect flawless skin!

8. Vitamin C

Vitamin C has gained a customary status in the beauty cosmos. It brightens dull skin, smoothens fine lines, protects against UV lights, and, more importantly, fights against those nasty free radicals. Phew! Can there be more reasons why our celebrities like Jlo, Kendall Jenner are cherishing it?

But before you include vitamin C in your skincare routine, remember to use it only during day time to get the most benefit. It works best when UV radiation is at its peak, so give your skin some time to absorb its nutrients and then step out to slay!

9. Turmeric

Turmeric – a staple Indian spice as well as a beauty element that has now acclaimed an international status as a superfood. Today it can be attributed as one of the widely used ingredients when it comes to celebrity skin secrets. Turmeric is known to have anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidants that take care of your skin and overall health. Ask Victoria Beckham, who is absolutely ga-ga about this spice.

10. Rice water

From being the top-notch Korean beauty secret, rice water has become a celebrity secret for glowing skin. Our very own Aishwarya Rai claims to be its biggest fan. Whenever she needs to pep-up-her skin, she massages her face with rice water. Rice water is known to have healing properties, and hence it repairs the natural barriers of your skin that get damaged due to stress & hectic lifestyle. It additionally helps in lightening skin tone and soothes sunburn. No wonder simple solutions turn out to be the best ones. So next time you’re cooking rice, don’t throw away the water! 

To conclude, I hope we have now established that you do not need too many expensive products in your beauty routine. These celebrity skincare secrets are tried & tested; moreover, some of them are sitting right there in your kitchen. So go ahead, get started, and glow like your favorite celebrity today!

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