Things you need to to know about Plastic Surgery before planning you Surgery

It is good to know that people across are now getting more conscious about how they look and what they want to look like. While such awareness has always existed, what makes it special now is the fact that people are willing to do something about it too!
Plastic surgery, for instance, is no longer a taboo. People pursue and talk about it quite frankly. We have had multiple Hollywood celebrities talking about how they went under the knife because they wanted to look a certain way. Talking about taking injections for a more youthful look isn’t uncommon either.

Of course, the Indian diaspora is still maturing in this domain and it would take some time for these discussions to become mainstream. However, the fact that a lot of surgery and injectable clients at Kosmoderma come from referral shows is a sign that people are at least talking about these treatments.

Now, while there is so much good about such an increase in awareness, it comes with its set of challenges too! The demand has been on a rise but the availability of skilled resources isn’t enough currently. This has resulted in many people taking up procedures from random doctors or clinics which has in several cases resulted in botched up results.

It is therefore important to understand the pros & cons of plastic surgery and I thought that it would be better if we could lay out a checklist which every plastic surgery enthusiast could go through before taking the plunge.

The first- Are you Healthy enough for a Plastic Surgery
This question might sound weird but it is actually one of the most important factors to consider. Your health isn’t just about your physical well being or you being down with a viral or bacterial infection. Your health is about your overall well being and hence before you undertake a plastic surgery, please make sure that you share your medical history with your doctor. It is important because sometimes you might be allergic to an insignificant something but that could marr the entire result which your surgery could give you.
Basis, your detailed medical history, your surgeon would be able to plan the surgery better and prevent any unnecessary complications.

The Procedure and the inclusions
It is important that you know your procedure well so that you can research it well and also understand what could probably be the outcome of it. While internet research is one thing, such an understanding will also help you ask the right questions from your doctor.

The Risks associated
While most plastic surgery procedures do not carry any significant risks yet there will always be some dos and don’ts which your doctor would advise you before undertaking the surgery. Also, do make sure that you ask your doctor about what would happen if things do not go right or if you have a rash or allergy or anything on that note.

Setting the Expectations Straight
Now, it is very important because nobody wants that once the money has been put in and the procedure performed, the results aren’t as expected. A good doctor will tell you flat about the best you can expect to post the surgery. A word of caution here: do not believe any claim which says that there will be a miraculous change and definitely do not believe anything which they showcase on television. This is because the reality is different and comes with its set of limitations.

Go through all the before and afters of your procedure and be aware of the best and the worst-case scenario in order to emerge happy after your surgery. If you feel that the results might not be as per your expectations, do not go for it. Remember, plastic surgery is a medical procedure and no magic, so set our expectations straight!

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?
Do not confuse it with the point mentioned above. It is not uncommon for people to expect that plastic surgery would completely change the way they look or change their skin colour or maybe restructure their nose completely. Let us take the example of nose reshaping only. People sometimes expect that they will have an extremely pointy small nose post the surgery. Well no, that is not always feasible to do because restricted nostrils can result in difficulty in breathing. Same goes with the people who undergo weight reduction surgery! The results do not show just like that! Plus, a lot of loose skin remains post that which you need to get tightened after the fat removal surgery. Just fat removal surgery will not turn you into a supermodel. A lot of effort and treatment would be required for that.

The Probable alternatives if Any
For instance, for those undergoing tissue tightening, surgery isn’t the only solution, thread or ultrasound-based lifts are an option too. The same thing goes for fat removal too where you can instead go for cool sculpting or KosmoSculpt and have the fat removed non surgically! Plastic surgery is safe of course but aren’t non-surgical procedures better?

Knowing about the Scars
Yes, there would be scars after the surgery. After all, there will be a cut! Of course, the adeptness of your cosmetologist will determine how insignificant the scar becomes but it would still be there. There is no scarless surgery and hence if you are in a profession where the scar could show or affect your prospects adversely, be doubly sure about the decision and if you go ahead, make sure that your procedure plan has something incorporated to deal with the scar too.

The Costs and Financial Aspects
Plastic surgeries cost significant enough. They aren’t like any regular procedure. So make sure that you have your budgets arranged. Also, not all insurance services cover plastic surgeries under them and hence, make sure you check all that too!

The number of Procedures and Time to Recover
Not all surgeries are single sitting. Sometimes, to get the desired results, multiple sittings can be required. These are usually called revision surgeries and aren’t so uncommon. So, when you finalize your surgery plan with your doctor, make sure that these are figured in too.
Also, there will be certain downtime involved almost always. So, plan your surgery keeping in mind your schedule too.

In addition to the above-mentioned points always remember that the dos and donts for different surgeries undertaken will be different. Also, sometimes you may be more comfortable with a doctor of the same sex performing your surgery or you may have last-minute hiccups or suddenly decide against the surgery. As a man, you might feel that you are doing something different or as a woman you might be worried about what “others” would say. Consider the fact that a lot of people go for it and it is okay to do what you want.
What is important is that you treat your doctor as a confidante and share with them every possible apprehension that you have about the surgery. Believe me, talking help! It has helped many of my patients before and I am sure it would be the same for every plastic surgery enthusiast.

For the last words- make sure that you choose your doctor well. The surgery would change you pretty noticeably. You wouldn’t want that change not to be a good one!

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