There is no doubt about the fact that Bangalore has one of the best weathers in the country. It doesn’t get too hot, neither does it get too cold- it just remains the standard pleasant weather always.

But, that does not mean that the pollutants and the UV rays or the infrared rays present in the environment do not affect our skin.

Of course the damage would be lesser than the other cities but it would still be there and gradually if it gets ignored (mostly because it isn’t so visible), the effects will be really bad.

Now, we come to what can affect our skin in what weather and how and then we will discuss what needs to be done to prevent any such damage.

Summers in Bangalore are the harbinger of acne breakouts.

Due to the oil and sweat mix that forms on the skin, the pores get clogged resulting in pimples or acne. This, if infected can also result in folliculitis which can make the skin itchy and tender

Also, the hot and usually dry air irritates the skin even more because of the chemicals/radicals that stay on the skin due to the contact with swimming pool waters, air conditioners etc.

Sun tans and pigmentation spots that result because of the UV rays become all the more obvious!

In such a season, it is advisable to wear light colored cotton clothes which are loose fitted and try to be in shade as much as possible.

Better option would be to avoid going out in sun between 12 -3 pm when the UV rays are at their peak.

Proper application of sunscreen, de-tan lotions and religious adherence to the CTM routine would help. Of course, a few skin maintenance treatments would definitely better your skin care cause.

Next come winters which give an uncomfortable dryness to the skin of face, hands and feet .Sometimes it may cause dry and itchy skin.

The skin in certain cases can can get so dry that it may cause fine lines and wrinkling too. The dry air of winter takes away the thin layer of oil that traps moisture in the skin causing extreme dry itchy skin.

An Ideal Skin care would involve avoiding the usage of products containing alcohol,astringent,gel or water based creams to prevent the moisture loss and replacing them with products that are thicker and cream based.

Some other constituents that can be looked at are hyaluronic acid for its additional hydration properties, moisture rich washes, detox sparkling waters and a few lifestyle changes such as usage of lukewarm and not hot water, usage of bath gels against soaps.

Avoiding usage of clay based masks and loofahs would also help in keeping the skin’s moisture intact.

With all this in place, your basic skin care routine is good to go and for any expert advice, we at Kosmoderma are always there!

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