When we think of skin hydration, the first thing that comes to mind is drinking water. Of course drinking water has its importance which cannot be denied because water forms about 60% of our body and if not enough, our body’s systems tend to slow down or at least not function to their maximum efficiency.

But, to say that just by drinking water, we would be able to ensure a healthy supple skin throughout would be an exaggerated statement at the very least. This is because the body needs only so much water to sustain and anything above that is treated as waste. Secondly, as we age our body slows down its processes due to the wear and tear accumulated over ages- a thing which is natural and totally involuntary.

Now, the second reason is the major cause behind why just drinking water will not be enough for maintaining a good skin health and an external stimulator would be required.

With advancing age the concentration of collagen and elastic fibres decreases due to which the repair process of connective tissue decreases, especially the hydration part. The concentration of Hyaluronic acid decreases with aging as a result of which elasticity and the ability to hold water in the skin decreases. Irrespective of taking copious amounts of water sufficiently, it is not adequately retained by the skin.

Therefore there is decrease in volume of the dermal layer and the tendency for wrinkling and laxity increases.Moreover, there is continuous ultraviolet radiation exposure which further decreases the dermal Hyaluronic Acid.

Thus intradermal injection of Hyaluronic Acid plays an important role as a dermal reservoir of hydration by drawing water into extracellular matrix causing hydration in dermis and improvement of skin.It also causes collagen production due to multiple pricks.

Hope this cleared your myth about how one can achieve a glowing skin just by drinking water!

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