Before any of our readers start thinking anything too serious, this blog elaborates the scenarios where Laser Hair Removal will yield the best results and where it would be not very effective. In addition, this blog also talks about who and under what conditions one must not opt for Laser Hair Removal- the latter being more of a pre-treatment instruction.

Let us now have a look at what conditions generally result in LHR not being as effective:
1. Light brown hair color:
Laser hair removal works by targeting the pigment in the hair in order to remove the hair. In case the pigment isn’t as prominent, it significantly affects the ability of Laser Hair Removal equipment.
2. Very fine hair:
Just like the lighter hair color hampers the effectiveness of LHR, same is the case with very fine hair . The logic remains the same again- extremely fine hair look very light in color and since laser hair removal works on the principle of targeting the pigment, the effectiveness is reduced.

Who should not have Laser Hair Removal done:
1. Pregnant Ladies
Even though the lasers being used for laser hair removal are completely safe, it is advisable that pregnant ladies should not undergo the procedure. This is because fetuses are sensitive and sometimes these lasers can adversely affect their overall growth. Hence, if you are expecting, even if it is just a month into pregnancy, do not go for it.
Similarly, lactating mothers should also not undergo the procedure.
2. People on blood thinning medications
No side effects have been established as such but it has been found that people who underwent laser hair removal while being on blood thinning medications seem to develop dark patches post treatment. No scientific correlations have been established yet however.
3. Have recently undertaken any hair removal treatment
Laser hair removal works by targeting pigments and if one has undertaken a hair removal treatment in the near past, the hair wouldn’t be there, which implies that the laser would have nothing to work upon.
4. People with Hormonal Issues
If women grow thick hair in areas like chin , upper lip , chest , stomach etc where typically men have thick hair it generally means that there is a hormonal imbalance. People with hormonal imblance may witness regrowth of hair in the treated areas sooner than usual & in some cases may require more sessions to even start seeing results. In such cases it is advised that one gets blood tests done and treats the root cause of the concern as laser hair removal procedures may or may not be very effective .

Laser hair removal as a treatment is completely safe provided one gets it done from a dermatologist/under the supervisio of a dermatologist preferably using US-FDA approved equipment. Always give preference to the expertise & technology used instead of cost of the treatment.

It is important that one understands that things like Lasers aren’t meant to be casual with. The treatment if not done correctly can bring in minimal harm but if done by the right person using the right equipment- the results would be wonderful for sure.

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