This one is an age old question and also something that has been debatable since time immemorial.
Does makeup harm the skin in the long run? Should one apply makeup at all? How about daily application followed by a thorough skin care regime? Does applying makeup help one look better and feel more confident? Is all the positivity that comes along with using make up worth the skin damage, provided it does result in skin damage?

Plethora of such questions run in the mind every time one comes across an article about how make-up damages the skin in the long run. In this blog, we will try to address some such concerns and also provide a solution.

So, does every makeup product harm the skin?

Not every, to say that all make-up products are harmful would be utterly wrong given how strictly the entire cosmetic industry is striving towards a sulphate, paraben and other chemicals free products. Also, there is this virtual movement towards endorsing and of course producing natural products.

So, the takeaway here is, not all the makeup products are harmful to the skin. It depends on every individuals skin type and your skin has certain characteristics which might find certain ingredients in your makeup products to be irritable. Hence, always test before you choose a product because a wrong product can result in anything from a pimple and allergic rashes to darkened skin spots.

Also, the skin needs time to breathe and not just at the night so if one uses make up regularly, it wouldn’t be as healthy and might leave the skin dull and dry.

Does make-up actually block the pores?

Yes, it does and that is the reason why it is always advised to thoroughly clean your skin of all the makeup before you go to sleep. Also, there are ways of applying makeup. If you use a sponge or a makeup brush to apply makeup, the layer that forms is evenly placed and thin too, hence the blockage is minimum.

Also, if you work outdoors, our suggestion would be to stick to sunscreen and sun-block powders alone and not the 9-5 sweat resistant makeup( at least not regularly) because in that case, blocking the sweat (because of the blocked pores) might result in acne or other serious skin concerns

Can daily make-up application cause acne?

As mentioned in the paragraph above, If the make up you use allows your skin to breathe and doesn’t block your pores completely your skin should be fine. Acne generally results when there is a build up bacteria/due to clogged pores. However, allergic reactions from certain makeup products can cause acne/rash and hence, always test your products before a complete application.

And now comes the most important thing-

Makeup isn’t just about looking good, it is about being confident. Though we do not suggest regular usage of makeup and would rather suggest that one goes for improving the skin quality in general so that no external application is done to hide the alleged flaws, yet if one feels that they want to apply makeup because they feel good about themselves then you can go ahead but keep the following points in mind.

If you are more prone to using make up on a daily basis always remember, the skin needs a break. Here are a few things that you can do to maintain the natural health and strength of your skin:
● A regular and religious CTM routine so that any external agent on the skin is washed off and the pores cleansed well
● Periodic medifacials in order to pamper the skin a bit extra and supple it up with additional nutrients
● Peels too, in order to do away with the dead skin and get the extra glow.

Finally, answering the one question with which we had actually started- does makeup harm in the long run?
Well, in the ideal scenario it shouldn’t because one would clean it up well, stick to their skin maintenance regime and eat healthy too but being ideal is a myth!
Hence, for all practical reasons- regular application of makeup harms in the long run and hence, till you are sure that you would be able to take care of your skin adequately, Avoid daily application of make up .

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