Why do we age? Is there anything that can be done to prevent aging totally? Does the Youth Fountain actually exist? Is age really just a number?

Aging in human beings has been a concern since time immemorial and continues to be a concern even to this day

However, contrary to what is usually discussed, aging isn’t about looks or adding numbers to your life alone. When a human ages, it is the body that ages on the whole- all the internal systems slow down, the body’s immunity goes down as well and eventually the signs of the body processes slowing down
start showing on the face. The result is fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin, dry and dull skin and sometimes patches and dark spots too.

A lot of this, as a matter of fact doesn’t have to do anything with our numerical age. Even people who are hardly 25-27 but have extremely demanding lifestyles look older for their years because their body has been fatigued.

With a basic understanding set in perspective-how do we delay aging then?

This blog talks about that and touches the aspect of not just a youthful skin, body or hair but the overall body in general.

Preventing Aging of the Mind

A healthy body owes a lot in its existence to a healthy mind and hence to ensure that we look healthy, we will have to think and be healthy too. Now, the brain or the mind is at the helm of giving signals of how the body needs to feel. Hence, the first aging prevention that we discuss is of the mind! To make
sure that your mind retains its youthfulness, one should:

  • Engage in activities which make one think and more so think positive
  • Engage in Yoga- a workout helps the body but Yoga, it feeds the mind
  • Engage in your hobbies. You do not have to make it a routine because that would then take the joy out of such an engagement but do engage every once in a while.
  • Spend quality time with your family because nothing is a better stress buster than the love and care of your people. If you are a pet person, get one because even science has now established the positivity that pets can bring to our lives.

Preventing Aging of the Body

What You can do On Your Own

  • Eat well and as mentioned earlier, exercise well too!
  • Go for natural therapies such as Ayurvedic massages and naturopathic masks to soothe your skin. Some of the good masks to go for include: Sandalwood Mask, Papaya-Pumpkin Mask, Multani-Mitti Mask, Avocado-Honey Mask and Banana Pulp Mask
  • Stretch- and do it every time you get some time. The sedentary lifestyle that most of us lead
    results in our muscles stiffening and stiffened muscles exert pressure on the entire well being of
    the body and every time the body is stressed, it shows on the face. Hence, stretch!
  • Cut down on the harmful substances such as junk food, too oily foods, alcohol or other narcotics. Indulge in salads, fresh cut fruits , nuts , dry fruits etc .

The Expert Care

The lifestyles that we lead today and the kind of environment that we live in requires more than just self-care. It requires expert advice and assistance to in order to maintain ourselves. At Kosmoderma, we understand the lifestyles of Indians and we understand how different their requirements are. Hence, we
have curated a range of treatments suited specifically for the Indian skin type in order to not just delay but also prevent aging too. Sharing some of them below:

  • Skin Rejuvenation: This involves several treatments such as Lasers or hyaluronic acid injections which boost the skin’s immunity and ability to rejuvenate by either creating minor abrasions or through hydration. The result of skin rejuvenation procedures is soft and supple skin which has
    even tone and looks healthy
  • Anti-Aging Medifacials: Specially curated to suit the particular skin types, the anti-aging medifacials are customised to suit the requirements of your skin and to combat the damages which have resulted in your skin aging in the first place.

Other than these, in case the signs of aging have started appearing already, here are a few things which one can look at having:

  • Tissue Tightening: Treatments such as face lifts or thread lifts which help in tightening the skin sags in order to give the skin a firmer appearance. Tissue Tightening procedures are mostly useful for the face and neck regions
  • Ultherapy/HiFu: Non-surgical procedures, Ultherapy/HiFu help in tightening of not just the face and neck but other body parts as well as per the requirement
  • Botox and Fillers: Botox is called the fountain of youth for a very strong reason which is the fact that it significantly delays aging wherever it is injected. Other than this, fillers can be injected to add volume to the designated area giving the region a fuller and supple look.

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