If I recount the times when I was a student and compare it with the kind of technologies that we are using at Kosmoderma now, the difference is stark.
Science and technology have always developed, the process of adoption mostly follows the same curve but the speed of advancement has always varied. Sometimes, it has been crazily fast, other times, it has been slow paced.

However, if one looks at the cosmetic dermatologist industry in general, the past 10 years have seen a rapid advancement; be it development or adoption- both the paces have kept in sync and have been considerably fast. The result- a significant increase in consumer awareness and an equally significant increase in the consumer expectations.

In this blog, I would enlist a few advancements which the industry has seen in the recent times and changed the cosmetology landscape. It holds importance for the consumers in the terms that they should know what all they can ask for and for the service providers in the terms that they should know what all to do so as to be at par with the international standards.

Laser Procedures

What started with the usage to improve eyesight has now advanced to the level of laser skin resurfacing whereby the person can walk away right after the laser treatment. With minimal downtime and almost no pain in most cases, laser hair removal treatment have revolutionised the industry in general.

Owing to their ability to work deep into the skin and break down melanin, lasers are one of the best treatments used for skin lightening. Their ability to work on pigments is also what makes laser hair removal such a painless hair removal success.

Micro-surgeries involving tiny incisions on the skin (mostly for face or skin lifts) are another major breakthrough that have been achieved in the cosmetology sector. While initially a facelift surgery required multiple days to recover, simple thread and facelifts allow a person to leave the clinic on the same day as the procedure is done and the results as well become visible within a few days’ time.

The scarring, if any is minimal and there are absolutely negligible chances of the procedure going wrong or any infections taking place.

Tissue Engineering

Another breakthrough in cosmetology has been tissue engineering advancement. The level at which the understanding of human tissues stands today has been unparalleled. The result is that in case of any plastic surgery involving tissue replacement or even tissue tightening, the entire process has achieved exceptional accuracy and the results hence have become increasingly effective and long lasting.

Computer-Assisted Imaging
Something that we at Kosmoderma pride ourselves in being the pioneer of in India, computer based imaging has the ability to put the doctor as well as the consumer on the same page by putting all the said results in hard print.

A detailed facial imagining can demarcate even those skin damages which are not visible to the naked eye and thus, once the treatment starts, both the parties can closely monitor the changes that are happening and basis that, change or continue with the suggested treatment accordingly.

Fat Transfer and Removal

The procedures which were usually marked by high down times and inefficiency have now been replaced by procedures like cryo-sculpt or cool-sculpt as known in common parlance which involve almost negligible downtimes and are totally non-invasive.This procedure involves freezing the fat cells in order to destroy them and can help achieve significant and long lasting results for fat removal and body shaping.

Similarly, procedures such as breast or buttock augmentation which involve fat transposition to the designated areas have also become increasingly commonplace and effective.

The aforementioned were some of the major path breaking advancements that cosmetology as a domain has seen. There are however, multiple simpler level of advancements in terms of overall operational efficiency and/or pre and post procedural care too.

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