It goes without saying the Mongoloid races have some of the best skin amongst all the human races that have ever existed on this planet. Amongst these, the Chinese have been the ones who have always taken their beauty scientifically as well- experimenting and trying with natural ingredients, trying to come up with the best that could suit their skin.

Needless to say but a lot of modern day beauty procedures have evolved from the ancient Chinese concepts. However, there are some easy to do things as well which most Chinese women are known to practice in their daily life.

Some of their best kept beauty secrets are shared in this blog

Application of the Jade Roller

Rolling over jade on the face reduces blood circulation significantly in addition to giving a cooling effect to the skin. Due to its soothing properties, it also tightens up the skin as well as reduces the open pores concern making the skin taut and giving it an even tone. In addition to this, the pressure that results due to the roller also helps in draining the excess lymphatic fluid thus reducing the puffiness

Usage of Pearl Powder

1 tbsp of pearl powder mixed with 1tbsp of honey when applied as a facial pack acts as a good cure for day to day skin damage. The iron in the pearl powder also helps in boosting the skin’s immunity and collagen production. This paste can also be used to reduce inflammation as well as an antiseptic on fresh wounds.

Daily Mung Bean Intake

Mung beans are rich in protein which is one of the reasons why they are always the preferred choice when it comes to healthy eating & glowing skin. They being a rich source of protein also helps in good hair and nail growth. In addition to this, mung bean and green tea paste has anti-ageing properties and helps in reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Mint Leave Paste application

Mint leaves are as easy to procure and are one of the most effective cooling agents. Grind a few mint leaves into a paste, mix them up with water or honey as a base and then apply on your face.

It not only fights off the pigmentation accumulated over the day, it also helps to soothe the skin and cool it off so that when you go to sleep at night, the natural regeneration process works more effectively.

Herbal Tea detoxification
When one talks of herbal teas, green tea usually tops the charts. However, when a decoction of green tea along with goji berries is prepared and taken, the health benefits can be immense.
This decoction has anti-inflammatory properties and is rich in anti-oxidants, hence it helps fight the free radical damage by boosting the skin’s immunity internally. It is a very good anti-aging drink and also helps in losing extra weight due to its ability to increase the overall metabolic rate.

Rice Water based Facial Cleansing
Rice water has anti-inflammatory and skin brightening properties and it can easily replace the daily water for a better skin cleanser. Multiple Chinese and Korean women are known to follow this skin routine to ensure an even skin tone and suppleness of texture.

Seaweed intake
Seaweed intake helps in absorption of excess salts in the bloodstream and also assists in speeding up the metabolism. In addition to this, since seaweed has a high fiber content, it also makes a person feel full and can help those who are looking at achieving some weight loss.

The high content of chlorophyll in seaweed is a good anti-aging agent as well as the protein helps slow down aging naturally.

Beauty is not just about external care or just restricting to the face or other exposed areas. Acupressure as a technique stands testament to it. Putting adequate pressure on the lower part of the leg, four finger widths above the highest point of the ankle helps improve blood circulation as well as reduces any air blockage, reducing the stress in any of the nerves. This process thus helps the entire body feel relaxed and healthy, thus giving a youthful look to
the person concerned.

Minimum Gesticulation
As surprising as it may sound, being too expressive drains out your muscle’s elasticity. A lot of chinese women are thus known to keep their emotions uptight and do not express a lot through their facial movements thus preventing formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

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