All of us must have spent at least the past decade of our lives listening to – “do not stress so much over it”; “It’ll pass, stressing out isn’t going to help”… and yet, somehow we stress ourselves out every time something goes array or significantly deviated from what we had planned. Do we compartmentalize our thoughts and push back our “stress” then or engage in activities to de-stress?

Now, while we wouldn’t want you to stress out even more after reading this blog but we would definitely want you to take note of the effects that stress plays on your skin.

Makes your skin problems worse
The very first thing which stress does to your body or skin, in general, is to make the existing conditions worse. It is simply because your brain gets the signals that it isn’t well and hence all the power that it could have provided for the bodily functions to act well and recuperate slow down too!
While fever and body ache remains some of the commonest repercussions of stress, in some cases skin concerns such as psoriasis, rosacea, and eczema get aggravated too. Some people are also known to develop inflammations or skin rashes when they are under stress.

Under Eye Dark Circles
Even a night’s worth of stress or crying is enough to give one dark circle in the under-eye region. While for some these dark circles go away soon, for others, they stay pretty permanently unless adequate corrective measures are taken.

Some people, however, do not get dark circles and instead experience some puffiness in their under eye region.

Dry Skin
Another major repercussion of stress is dry skin. When we are stressed out, we, more often than not forget about drinking enough water. Also, sometimes the caffeine intake increases under stressed situations which further dehydrates the body and hence the skin.

Acne Flare Up
Though no experimental evidence or study has established a correlation between acne flare up and stress yet, acne or pimples are the first to appear when someone is stressed. Check out the cheeks or the region around your temples, if there is some significant acne flare-up, chances are it is because of stress.

Faster Ageing
Too much frowning, pursing your lips or making faces results in tiring up of your muscles which if done over an extended period of time results in fine lines and wrinkles. The fact that when stressed, the skin dries up too, further aggravates the said causation.

We understand that it has to be a tough time if you are stressed but we also know that sometimes the stress is entirely sub-conscious and if you observe any of the above-mentioned signs its time to start de-stressing and get yourself to relax and unwind.

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